Akyaka, hidden paradise of the Gulf of Gokova and the Gulf of Gökova is also the harbor. Azmak River of the creeks where the sea water is poured into the Gulf of land. Akyaka is a port of heaven opening to the Gulf in the Sakar Mountain foothills on the left end of the Gulf of Gökova. Dominated by green pine forests, it is accompanied by the smell of the delicious pine Gulf of Gokova is flirting for years with the Mavs face the sea.

2600 years, are known to be living in the region. Akyaka found that the name has been established in the region Idyma Kariya city. Persia, Sparta, living in the reign of Byzantine and Genoese Idyma (Akyaka), became a Roman city in the late first century. Julius Caesar through the region went to Rhodes. Egyptian queen Cleopatra visited this beach through the city of Ephesus. It is passed through this region during the Ottoman army for the conquest of Suleiman the Magnificent Rhodes. Akyaka (Idyma) moved in 2600 to work in the remaining years of historical texture of our time.

Akyaka natural parks, rich ecological system is the historical ruins and underwater archaeological wealth and be seen to be experiencing a peaceful holiday destination. Natural beauty is a paradise waiting to be discovered Akyaka region. By people living in the region until the animals are special. Akyaka region; 200 kinds of bird species, 25 kinds of mammals and 30 reptile species are housed. Especially symphony of sound of birds in mating season in the creeks along the river and pine forest in the upper part is enjoying a concert to remember.


Gulf of Gokova, pine, nature occupied with their daily greens and olive trees, the sky and the sea is a corner of paradise where the Aegean meets the blue. Sun, you'll find plenty of oxygen by birds and crickets is a paradise where you can listen to the symphony of insect Gulf of Gokova.. Gokova Bay is indented with bays. This sheltered bays which are very close to each other.

  • Adalı Koy
  • Akbük Limanı
  • Akçabük
  • Akyaka İskelesi
  • Ayın Koyu
  • Babuş Bükü
  • Balıkaşıran
  • Ballıcak Bükü
  • Ballısu Koyu
  • Bekar Limanı
  • Büyük Çatı Koyu
  • Çamaltı Koyu
  • Çamlı-Gelibolu Limanı
  • Çanak Koyu
  • Çanak Koyu – İngiliz Limanı
  • Çilekli Koyu
  • Değirmenbükü
  • Fener Koyu
  • Gerence Koyu
  • Göllü Ada
  • Göllübük Burnu Sığlığı
  • Gölyeri Koyu
  • Hırsız Koyu
  • Hırsız Liman
  • Kapıcık Koyu
  • Karacasöğüt Koyu
  • Karamuk Kayalığı
  • Köremen Adaları
  • Kuzgun Burnu Sığlığı
  • Küçük Çatı Koyu
  • Küfre Koyu
  • Löngöz Koyu
  • Maden Koyu
  • Malderesi
  • Mezar Koyu
  • Mine Koyu
  • Nergiz Burnu
  • Okluk Koyu
  • Sazanlı Koyu
  • Şehir Adaları
  • Tuzla
  • Uzun Liman
  • Velibükü
  • Yedi Adalar

These are the bays and harbors to visit the Gulf of Gökova.


Gulf of Gokova, Akyaka harbor woman pouring water steams is among the wealth of the region. In the past, women have taken to the water steams name come from women washing their villages. Our 15-person boat, which lasted 90 minutes of our tour Women Romp (Taking to the sea) and the Cinar Beach Romp Akçapınar covers the dark path.











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